Drone solutions for Wind Turbine Inspection

Amplify your operational efficiency


Safe & cost-effective

Minimise human errors and exposure to hazardous situations.


Endure the harshest conditions with TÜV tested drones.


Transfer inspection data into any digital asset management system for in depth analysis.

AI Innovation

Take advantage of artificial intelligence with onboard processing and IBM Watson’s IoT.

Effortlessly detect structural inconsistencies

Actionable insights without compromising on safety

Structural preservation

Locate surface impact, cracks and leading-edge erosion with high resolution cameras and sensors.

Locate defects

Detect unseen faults and overheating with Thermal and corona cameras.

Assembly errors

Detect assembly errors and reach dangerous or areas difficult to access with 30x zoom cameras.

PENSAR: Autonomous fault detection for wind turbines

Maximise energy generation with AI-powered inspections


Object detection

PENSAR detects damage to blades and uses IR imaging to identify wear on bearings, shafts, gears and brakes.

Defect detection

Detections are used to build an intelligent data set for more accurate future recognitions.

Instant notifications

When an issue is detected on the turbine, the data is quickly sent to repair technicians.

Determine fault location

Geo-referenced information allows turbine technicians to easily relocate areas for repair.

Cloud-based processing

Innovate your asset inspections with IBM cloud analytics

1. Fly & Collect data

IBM IoT technology is linked to the flight computer and gathers data during flight.

2. Stream data to IBM IoT cloud

Livestream your flight data via LTE for near real time results – or upload post flight.

3. Process data with IoT analytics

Build and train custom classifiers to recognise your equipment and detect risks and defects.

4. Output orders & reports

AI-powered maintenance orders and inspection reports pushed to asset management software or directly to personnel.

Unmatched performance

Regardless of the environment, guarantee your mission’s success


IPX5 rated by TÜV

The fuselage effectively shields the electrical components inside against heavy rain and dust intrusion.

All weather performance

Fly in wind speeds of up to 16m/s, the harsh cold of the arctic or blistering heat of the desert.

Assistance at every step

Easily achieve your end-to-end solution


Implementation & legal support

Implement drones into your workflow with assistance and legal advice from our knowledgable and experienced staff.

Training & education

Receive extensive theoretical training, practical training and short refreshment lessons on flying the Altura Zenith.

Service & maintenance

Maintenance inspections, re-calibrations, software updates and assistance with operational matters.iv>

Customised solutions

Customise the Altura system with sensors and accessories to meet your needs and the regional regulatory requirements.

19,500.00 Start collecting aerial data

Fly the Zenith starting from*

EUR 21,990.00

*Prices communicated in this list may be subject to change

Configure your system

Our team of experts are happy to assist you.


Ground control

GCS + HD link


Power package

1 Battery + charger


Zenith Aircraft System

Tested aircraft system


Gimbal package

Gimbal + Control cable


Transport case

Rugged transport case


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