Drone solutions for Safety & Security

Height your situational awareness


Better visibility

Minimise unwanted surprised, provide useful insights and help emergency personnel stay out of harm’s way.

Multifunctional design

Adapt to the demands of the situation at hand faster and easier than ever before with the click and go payload system.

Easy to deploy

Deploys in a matter of seconds of arriving on scene, to respond faster and minimise danger to those in need of assistance.

Real-time awareness

Equipped with infrared and VOC sensors, detect individuals, hazardous materials and radiation that would otherwise go unseen.

Save lives

Drone-assisted rescues for coast guards

Faster response

Deploy drones in a matter of seconds and minimise the danger to those in need of rescuing.

Optimised visibility

Improve a coast guard’s overall visibility of an expansive sea to locate vulnerable persons faster.

Thermal detection

Equip with thermal sensors to maximise the operator’s ability to quickly spot individuals lost at sea.

Accident mapping

A safe, affordable and reliable method of documenting crashes

Faster documentation

Document car accidents much faster, lowering the risk of further accidents happening to police and passersby.

Accurate evidence

Easily document crash sites by collecting measurable and reliable data to determine the cause of the incident.

Less invasive

Easily deploy kilometers away from the scene to reach hard to access areas while reducing the level of disruption to traffic.


Monitor subjects of interest without risk

30x zoom

Equip with 30x zoom cameras to effortlessly spot subjects of interest from a great distance.

Less sound pollution

Deploy drones to be more difficult to detect by suspects than manned helicopters.

Thermal IR vision

Track individuals that blend into their surroundings or are active at night by utilising infrared sensors.

Stream & record

Simultaneously record both the visual and thermal video streams.

Be aware of invisible threats

Protect yourself from gas and radiation leaks

Gas monitors

Monitor hazardous materials like toxic and combustible gases, VOCs and oxygen levels from a safe distance.

Radiation monitors

Detect gamma radiation levels from afar with parts per billion precision.

Stay safe and alert

Livestreaming capabilities ensure you are well informed

Real time analytics

Stay protected from unexpected and unseen dangers with PENSAR’s augmented livestream video. Whether it’s thermal detection, or tracking a subject of interest, PENSAR provides you with the critical real-time information you need to maximize your situational awareness.

Built to perform in any environment

Guarantee your mission’s success in every environment


IPX5 rated by TÜV

The fuselage effectively shields the components inside against heavy rain and dust intrusion to ensure reliable operations.

All weather performance

Capable of flying in wind speeds of 16 m/s and tested in both the harsh cold of the arctic and blistering heat of the desert to ensure it will perform in any environment.

Assistance at every step

Easily achieve your end-to-end solution


Implementation & legal support

Implement drones into your workflow with assistance and legal advice from our knowledgable and experienced staff.

Training & education

Receive extensive theoretical training, practical training and short refreshment lessons on flying the Altura Zenith.

Service & maintenance

Maintenance inspections, re-calibrations, software updates and assistance with operational matters.

Customised solutions

Customise the Altura system with sensors and accessories to meet your needs and the regional regulatory requirements.

19,500.00 Start collecting aerial data

Fly the Zenith starting from*

EUR 21,990.00

*Prices communicated in this list may be subject to change

Configure your system

Our team of experts are happy to assist you.


Ground control

GCS + HD link


Power package

1 Battery + charger


Zenith Aircraft System

Tested aircraft system


Gimbal package

Gimbal + Control cable


Transport case

Rugged transport case


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