The solution for the detection of fires and smoke by Artificial Intelligence

that integrates with your existing IP camera network.

No installation required

Connect the box to your network via ethernet cable and select the IP camera that will benefit from intelligent detection, without any integration on your servers or external data storage.

Boost your surveillance system

Detect fires in advance to quickly stop the spread and protect your infrastructure and staff.

NVIDIA JestonTM Nano

Real-time AI-based video processing is made possible by the card, which delivers 472 GFlops of computing power. Our solution runs modern AI algorithms at unprecedented speed.

Alerts and Notifications

Our box can connect to your existing alarm / alert system to act quickly at the first sign of a fire.

Based on artificial intelligence


Fire can cause serious material and human damage, especially when it breaks out at sensitive industrial sites. Current detection methods have flaws, which artificial intelligence can solve by providing reliable and detailed information through deep learning.

Anas Kharboutly, PhD
R&D Manager

Try the solution for free for 15 days

Smart Box at 500 € + License at 99€/month without commitment.

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